The moment to change the world is now

Reset the world as we know it

In challenging times we have asked ourselves – what society we want to live in tomorrow and how can we start building it today. How to save our planet, save our local businesses and save people who want a change in their life.

We think it is time to slow down and enjoy the good things. After decades of chasing the newest technical solutions let’s press pause on modern life and safe what is important.

It is DayZero now.

Dream a little dream

Dreaming of opening your own bakery or winery? Growing your own vegetables and learning century old recipes? Sewing your own capsule collection? Saving vintage furniture?

Let’s go back and start something new. Start your own business. It is time to dream and it is time to make it happen.

Join us on a quest to save small, authentic local places and crafts that are about to disappear while living your dream life.

Try yourself in your dream for a month, learn from the best authentic places and become the next local business when you return home.

Save local

Our platform connects you with the best local manufacturers. The best of the best.

We work with local, authentic manufacturers only, businesses who want to pass on tradition and knowledge to the next generation.  Famous pastry chefs in Paris, family breweries from Bavaria or Sicilian boat makers from the 20th century.

Choose your craft, join us and be part of the next generation of dreamers.

Let’s build a sustainable future. Together.

Ready? Let’s go.

Your Dream

Meet the Phil's

Our local representatives or as we call them Phil’s are here to help you escape the loop and enjoy the best of your days. 

They will be there to greet you at the airport, settle you in and come see you on regular basis to make sure you have fun on your dream experience.

Why Phil’s? This is the name of the character of the fantastic American comedy, Groundhog Day from 1993 starring Bill Murray. In the movie, Phil Connors, a TV weatherman is caught in a time loop, repeatedly reliving the same day.

He finally managed to escape the loop and lives happily ever after. 

Book your dream

Amazing food, extraordinary people and a life changing experience. 

We connect you with the right people.

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