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Frequently asked questions

How it works and what is included?

Every dream comes with a Patron who will help you with your chosen experience. As soon as you buy your package we will send you a detailed itinerary on how your days will look like. Be prepared: a typical weekday will include lots of work and early morning wake ups. Of course you will be free during the weekend to go and explore the cities nearby or just relax.

The price of your dream includes only the experience with your Patron. No cash and further costs to pay. Also, please rate the experience to help others choose the best for their needs.

Optional costs: 

If you need a home during your stay we have handpicked some amazing places in every region. You are also free to find your own place to stay.

You can also add extra activities any time to your dream package or ask your Patron for some local tips.

Can I bring a plus one?

Sure – no need to leave behind your loved ones – dogs and humans are also welcome . Just make sure you book a home where you can all fit. If they don’t have a dream package that is fine – we have plenty of local activities for them to try like beer or wine making, baking or just hanging out with locals.

What restaurants do you recommend?

Depending on your dream package you will cook, eat and taste amazing local food. We also have a tons of suggestions for you in case you want to eat out – just ask for our local tips.

What places do you recommend visiting?

In these beautiful locations you will find plenty of amazing places to visit. Ask your Patron for tips or check the site for local activities. Depending on the region and city you will have plenty of things to explore.

Can I travel with my dog?

Yes – no need to leave your loved ones behind. Every home we picked for you is dog friendly as well as the activities.

What should I do if I have a question during my dream experience?

We would like you to have an amazing time during your dream. That is why you will have your local representative or as we call them our Phil’s to help you during your stay. Your amazing Phil will pick you up at the airport, settle you in and check on you every 2-3 days. They will be your main point of contact, no matter what. All Phil’s are great local hosts who speak English fluently! So worry not!

We do not believe in call centres and emails but personal contact only.

And why Phil? The name is a tribute to an amazing film, Groundhog Day where the main protagonist, Phil is stuck in a time loop and relives the same day over and over again. 🙂

What if I don’t like my dream package and want to leave?

We know sometimes things just don’t work out. We don’t want to force anything so if you want to leave your current dream and pick another one, that is fine. This option is only available once. You can also decide to quit your dream any time – ask for our refund policy.