Meet the lovely nonnas from Sicily – pasta made with love

Interested in learning the traditional and authentic local dishes from the best? Want to grow your own vegetables and produce your own cheese?

If you have ever dreamed of opening your own Italian restaurant this dream is for you.

If you join the nonnas and the Mammas del Borgo project you will have the chance to learn traditional, century old recipes from the mammas themselves and roll your own pasta from scratch.

Enjoy the silence and fresh air of the beautiful village, spend the day in the gardens and learn how to grow your own vegetables or mature your own cheese.

When the night comes you can walk on the narrow streets of the beautiful town of Motta Camastra and enjoy the warm evenings with locals.

Learn for a month for 2290€. (accommodation and flights not included)
The price for the month is set by each Patron and 100% of the sum goes to them. The platform only adds a 15% service fee at the end to make sure we can go on with the platform and offer you 24/7 support.

What is the Mammas del Borgo project?

A perfect combination between “street food” and “home restaurant”

Le Mamme del Borgo, or “Mothers of the Village” project is all about sharing. Sharing the passion of food, family and getting together.

How they do it? By opening up their homes and kitchens to anyone interested in learning about their town’s take on traditional Sicilian food.

The village’s population, which is not more than 800 people, has been in decline for decades as young workers flee the island in search of job opportunities abroad. Concerned that the town’s culture and cuisine was disappearing  the mamas decided to get together to offer a small but important comfort to those who remained—a home-cooked meal.

If you choose this dream you will have the opportunity to be part of project – live like a local for a month mastering the best homemade recipes and growing your own food.


Why Motta Camastra?

“Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli”

Sounds familiar? Motta Camastra, a small hilltop village in Sicily was a great inspiration for the word class director, Francis Ford Coppola and his masterpiece, The Godfather.

The scene where Michael Corleone and his henchmen arrive in Corleone was shot in the narrow streets of the charming little village.


What will happen on your Dream?

You will spend the entire month cooking homemade Italian food (sounds amazing, right?) 🙂
You will have the chance to master the traditional recipes from the nonnas
You will help to grow the vegetables of the village and take care of the community gardens
You will learn the process of making cheese with locals
You will spend your days with the nonnas helping with the project and catering tourists (if you want to) 🙂
You can sleep in a typical Sicilian apartment with a balcony overlooking the beautiful Alcantra valley

How it works?

We connect you with the right people. You choose your dream for the month and get the best service from your Patron.

Need a place to relax? –  A fancy loft, sea view apartment or a traditional house with homey feel? Your call. Choose your home for the month freely or ask our Patrons for their tips. In some cases you need to be close to your Patron so our team is prepared to offer you an amazing place to live and do your dream.

Eat. Drink. Repeat – Be prepared for amazing food and tasting all the time – and some extra pounds. So worry not – you will have a morning espresso and big lunches with your Patron. You will cook, you will eat and you will definitely have fun. Want to taste the local places as well for inspiration? Ask for our tips.

Safety first – It is relatively unlikely that you will be a victim of petty theft or other crime. But be careful!

Getting Around – We have plenty of tours to discover the area but if you want to go on your own we suggest you rent a Vespa or a car. Ask for our suggestions and we are happy to help. As for the public transportation – the trains are often late, but the buses, well, they are late too 🙂

Driving in Sicily – People are very fast, not always following the rules. It can get very intense on the road so drive safe!

So if you choose to travel like this don’t stress a lot – remember when in Rome do like the Romans do and relax.

Suggested daily budget – 50-60 EUR / 52-62 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in your chosen home, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals with your Patron and using local transportation.)


Welcome to beautiful Sicily – everything you need to know

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all”


Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas.

It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.

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Things to explore

Sicily is renowned for its steet food –Try an arancina (deep-fried saffron rice ball), panelle (chickpea fritters), sfincione (rustic, Sicilian-style “pizza”), polpo bollito (a boiled mini-octopus), and — if you dare — pani ca’ meusa…the famed spleen sandwich.
Take the cable car to Mount Etna, the second most active volcano in the world
Sicilians are some of the most enjoyable people to simply interact with – enjoy small talk with amazing local people
Discover Sicily’s wonderful natural attractions like Parco Regionale delle Madonie, Parco dei Nebrodi and Parco Regionale dell’Etna, do canyoning in the Alcantara River Park or enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters in the park of Belice
Rent A Car – Bicycle – Scooter – Exploring Sicily by car is the best way for see the most of it

Money Saving Tips

Get the menu of the day Ask for our daily tips on the best places to eat and what to ask for.
Bargain No matter what is the item always try to reduce price.
Get city passes Plan your visits and ask for discounts.
Free walking tours Great way to explore the city and get some local tips.